Process development of treatment plants for dyeing wastewater



A three-step methodology that integrates experiments, modeling and synthesis has been developed for the systematic development of a plant for treating dyeing wastewater for discharge and/or reuse. First, wastewater characteristics, discharge water standards, and reuse water quality specifications, etc. are collected as input information. Heuristics developed in our industrial practice and gleaned from the literature are used to guide the designer to come up with preliminary flow sheet alternatives. Then, bench-scale experiments and pilot plant tests for the relevant unit operations are performed. A computer code accepts the bench-scale and pilot plant experimental data for regression of model parameters and determines the superior process configuration and equipment operating conditions through sensitivity analysis. The workflow among various stakeholders to reach the final design is presented. Possible extension of the methodology to other industrial wastewater treatment plants is discussed. © 2011 American Institute of Chemical Engineers AIChE J, 2012