Integrated scheduling and dynamic optimization of batch processes using state equipment networks



A systematic framework for the integration of short-term scheduling and dynamic optimization (DO) of batch processes is described. The state equipment network (SEN) is used to represent a process system, where it decomposes the process into two basic kinds of entities: process materials and process units. Mathematical modeling based on the SEN framework invokes both logical disjunctions and operational dynamics; thus the integrated formulation leads to a mixed-logic dynamic optimization (MLDO) problem. The integrated approach seeks to benefit the overall process performance by incorporating process dynamics into scheduling considerations. The solution procedure of an MLDO problem is also addressed in this article, where MLDO problems are translated into mixed-integer nonlinear programs using the Big M reformulation and the simultaneous collocation method. Finally, through two case studies, we show advantages of the integrated approach over the conventional recipe-based scheduling method. © 2012 American Institute of Chemical Engineers AIChE J, 2012