Deterministic vs. stochastic performance assessment of iterative learning control for batch processes


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The performance assessment of linear time-invariant batch processes when iterative learning control (ILC) is implemented has been discussed. Previous literatures show that conventional performance assessment cannot be directly applied to batch processes due to the nature of batch operations. Chen and Kong have suggested a new method to assess the control performance of batch processes using optimal ILC as the benchmark. In their work, ILC controllers are assumed to affect either stochastic or deterministic performance but without considering their interaction. This work elaborates the controllers effects on both stochastic and deterministic control performance of batch processes. It is shown that the optimal solution based on the minimum variance control law has a trade-off between deterministic and stochastic performance, which can be shown by a trade-off curve. Furthermore, a method is proposed to estimate this curve from routine operating data, against which the performance of ILC controllers can be assessed. Simulation studies are conducted to verify the proposed method. © 2012 American Institute of Chemical Engineers AIChE J, 59: 457–464, 2013