Multiobjective evolutionary optimization of batch process scheduling under environmental and economic concerns


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The simultaneous consideration of economic and environmental objectives in batch production scheduling is today a subject of major concern. However, it constitutes a complex problem whose solution necessarily entails production trade-offs. Unfortunately, a rigorous multiobjective optimization approach to solve this kind of problem often implies high computational effort and time, which seriously undermine its applicability to day-to-day operation in industrial practice. Hence, this work presents a hybrid optimization strategy based on rigorous local search and genetic algorithm to efficiently deal with industrial scale batch scheduling problems. Thus, a deeper insight into the combined environmental and economic issues when considering the trade-offs of adopting a particular schedule is provided. The proposed methodology is applied to a case study concerning a multiproduct acrylic fiber production plant, where product changeovers influence the problem results. The proposed strategy stands for a marked improvement in effectively incorporating multiobjective optimization in short-term plant operation. © 2012 American Institute of Chemical Engineers AIChE J, 59: 429–444, 2013