3-D full-loop simulation of an industrial-scale circulating fluidized-bed boiler


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Three-dimensional (3-D) simulations using an Eulerian multiphase model were employed to explore flow behaviors in a full-loop industrial-scale CFB boiler with and without fluidized-bed heat exchanger (FBHE), where three solids phases were employed to roughly represent the polydisperse behavior of particles. First, a simulation of the boiler without FBHE is implemented to evaluate drag models, in terms of pressure profiles, mixing behaviors, radial velocity profiles, etc. Compared to the conventional model, the simulation using the energy-minimization multiscale (EMMS) model successfully predicts the pressure profile of the furnace. Then, such method is used to simulate the boiler with FBHE. The simulation shows that solid inventory in the furnace is underpredicted and reduced with an increase of the valve opening, probably due to the underevaluated drag for FBHE flows. It is suggested to improve EMMS model which is now based on a single set of operating parameters to match with the full-loop system. © 2012 American Institute of Chemical Engineers AIChE J, 59: 1108–1117, 2013