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Numerical simulation of particle breakage in dry impact pulverizer



A novel method to simultaneously simulate particle motion and its breakage in a dry impact pulverizer was developed. The motion of particles in the pulverizer was calculated using a discrete phase model (DPM)-computational fluid dynamics (CFD) coupling model. When the particle impacts against a vessel wall, impact stress acting on the particle is calculated from Hertz's theory as a function of the impact velocity. At the same time, the particle strength as a function of the particle size is calculated from Griffith's theory. If the impact stress is larger than the particle strength, the particle is broken and replaced with smaller fragments. The size distribution of the fragments is obtained from a breakage function proposed. The motion of the fragments is calculated again by using the DPM-CFD coupling model. By repeating the above calculations over the whole particles, the grinding phenomenon can be simulated. The calculated results showed good agreement with the experimental one, and validity of the proposed method was confirmed. © 2013 American Institute of Chemical Engineers AIChE J, 59: 3601–3611, 2013