• Marangoni effect;
  • level-set method;
  • drop formation;
  • mass transfer

Marangoni effect induced by interphase mass transfer plays an important role in liquid–liquid extraction and reaction processes. The interaction of Marangoni effect and interphase mass transfer during drop formation at different injection rates and different initial solute concentrations was investigated by experimental and numerical simulation. The extraction fraction was measured and the corresponding correlation was proposed. The level-set method coupled with mass-transfer equation is for the first time used to simulate the mass-transfer induced Marangoni effect during drop formation. The simulated drop volume, shape, and extraction fraction are in good accordance with experimental data. Through the numerical simulation, it is found that the mass transfer in the first mass-transfer period is the most efficient during drop formation when Marangoni convection occurs. © 2013 American Institute of Chemical Engineers AIChE J, 59: 4424–4439, 2013