Carbon dioxide capture using solid sorbents in a fluidized bed with reduced pressure regeneration in a downer



The most common technology for postcombustion CO2 capture for existing power plants is the amine solvent scrubber. The energy consumption for capturing CO2 from flue gases using amine solvent technology is 15 to 30% of the power plant electricity production. Hence, there is a need to develop more efficient methods of removing CO2. Here, we show a novel design, obtained using multiphase CFD, and of a fluidized-bed reduced pressure regenerator, coupled with a fluidized-bed sorber, which has the potential to reduce the energy consumption. The undesirable core-annular flow regime in the riser-sorber is eliminated using multiple jet inlets and large particles leading to a shorter height. Up to 88% of the heat liberated in the riser-sorber is recovered in the downer-regenerator. © 2013 American Institute of Chemical Engineers AIChE J, 59: 4519–4537, 2013