Moving horizon approach of integrating scheduling and control for sequential batch processes



Online integration of scheduling and control is crucial to cope with process uncertainties. We propose a new online integrated method for sequential batch processes, where the integrated problem is solved to determine controller references rather than process inputs. Under a two-level feedback loop structure, the integrated problem is solved in a frequency lower than that of the control loops. To achieve the goal of computational efficiency and rescheduling stability, a moving horizon approach is developed. A reduced integrated problem in a resolving horizon is formulated, which can be solved efficiently online. Solving the reduced problem only changes a small part of the initial solution, guaranteeing rescheduling stability. The integrated method is demonstrated in a simulated case study. Under uncertainties of the control system disruption and the processing unit breakdown, the integrated method prevents a large loss in the production profit compared with the simple shifted rescheduling solution. © 2014 American Institute of Chemical Engineers AIChE J, 60: 1654–1671, 2014