Multiway continuous hidden Markov model-based approach for fault detection and diagnosis



A fault detection and classification scheme that uses probabilistic inference based on multiway continuous hidden Markov models (MCHMM) which is capable of capturing complex system dynamics and uncertainty is proposed. A set of observations from normal and faulty runs of the system was collected and used to generate the training dataset. The training data is assumed to follow a finite Gaussian mixture model. The number of mixture components and associated parameters for the optimal Gaussian mixture fit of the observed data was computed subsequently by clustering using the Figueiredo–Jain algorithm for unsupervised learning. The segmental k-means algorithm was used to compute the HMM parameters. The applicability of the proposed scheme is investigated for the case of an inverted pendulum system and a fluidized catalytic cracker. The monitoring results for the above cases with the proposed scheme was found to be superior to the multiway discrete hidden Markov model (MDHMM) based scheme in terms of the accuracy of fault detection, especially in case of noisy observations. © 2014 American Institute of Chemical Engineers AIChE J, 60: 2035–2047, 2014