• mixed matrix membrane;
  • adsorption;
  • concentration polarization;
  • ultrafiltration;
  • fluoride;
  • catechol

Adsorption has been found to be significant in ultrafiltration by mixed matrix membrane. Removal of very low molecular weight solutes compared to the molecular weight cut off of the membrane is facilitated by adsorption. The modeling of the adsorption coupled with concentration polarization is presented based on the mathematical approach developed by Gekas et al. (Gekas et al. Chem Eng Sci. 1993;48:2753–2765), from the first principles. However, extensive modifications were included in theoretical development including those suggested by Ruiz-Bevia et al. (Ruiz-Bevia et al. Chem Eng Sci. 1997;52:2343–2352). The developed model captured the rejection dynamics with the help of retention factor. The model equations were solved under the framework of boundary layer analysis, using the integral approach. Effects of the adsorption isotherm and the different parameters affecting the system performance were also investigated. Further, experimental validation of the model results with two different mixed matrix ultrafiltration studies was also elucidated. © 2014 American Institute of Chemical Engineers AIChE J, 60: 2354–2364, 2014