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Inventory pinch based, multiscale models for integrated planning and scheduling-part II: Gasoline blend scheduling



Integration of planning and scheduling optimizes simultaneous decisions at both levels, thereby leading to more efficient operation. A three-level discrete-time algorithm which uses nonlinear models and integrates planning and detailed scheduling is introduced: first level optimizes nonlinear blend models via multiperiod nonlinear programming (NLP), where period boundaries are initially determined by the inventory pinch points; second level uses fixed recipes (from the first level) in a multiperiod mixed-integer linear program to determine first an optimal production plan and then to optimize an approximate schedule which minimizes the total number of switches in blenders and swing tanks; third level computes detailed schedules that adhere to inventory constraints computed in the approximate schedule. If inventory infeasibilities appear at the second or the third level, the first-level periods are subdivided and blend recipes are reoptimized. Algorithm finds the same or better solutions and is substantially faster than previously published full-space continuous-time model. © 2014 American Institute of Chemical Engineers AIChE J, 60: 2475–2497, 2014