Temperature distribution reconstruction in Czochralski crystal growth process



A mechanical geometric crystal growth model is developed to describe the crystal length and radius evolution. The crystal radius regulation is achieved by feedback linearization and accounts for parametric uncertainty in the crystal growth rate. The associated parabolic partial differential equation (PDE) model of heat conduction is considered over the time-varying crystal domain and coupled with crystal growth dynamics. An appropriately defined infinite-dimensional representation of the thermal evolution is derived considering slow time-varying process effects. The computational framework of the Galerkin's method is used for parabolic PDE order reduction and observer synthesis for temperature distribution reconstruction over the entire crystal domain. It is shown that the proposed observer can be utilized to reconstruct temperature distribution from boundary temperature measurements. The developed observer is implemented on the finite-element model of the process and demonstrates that despite parametric and geometric uncertainties present in the model, the temperature distribution is reconstructed with the high accuracy. © 2014 American Institute of Chemical Engineers AIChE J, 60: 2839–2852, 2014