Particle-scale investigation of the solid dispersion and residence properties in a 3-D spout-fluid bed



Three-dimensional modeling of the gas–solid flow in a spout-fluid bed is conducted at the particle-scale level. Both the local and systematic dispersion behaviors of solid phase are initially investigated. Then, the solid circulating and resident behaviors are discussed. The results demonstrate that vigorously lateral solid dispersion appears in the spout region and the periphery of the fountain, whereas intensely vertical dispersion exists in the central region of the bed. Moreover, the inlet configuration of bed strongly affects the distribution of lateral dispersion, while its influence on the vertical one disappears in the fountain. Strong anisotropy of solid dispersion along the three directions is obtained. Systematic dispersion intensity along the vertical direction is an order of magnitude larger than the lateral one. In addition, two circulating patterns of solid phase can be identified. Solid residence time is the smallest in the spout region and the largest in the bottom corner. © 2014 American Institute of Chemical Engineers AIChE J, 60: 2788–2804, 2014