Investigation of the effect of magnetic field on mass transfer parameters of CO2 absorption using Fe3O4-water nanofluid



In this study, the enhancement of physical absorption of carbon dioxide by Fe3O4-water nanofluid under the influence of AC and DC magnetic fields was investigated. Furthermore, a gas-liquid mass transfer model for single bubble systems was applied to predict mass transfer parameters. The coated Fe3O4 nanoparticles were prepared using co-percipitation method. The results from characterization indicated that the nanoparticles surfaces were covered with hydroxyl groups and nanoparticles diameter were 10–13 nm. The findings showed that the mass transfer rate and solubility of carbon dioxide in magnetic nanofluid increased with an increase in the magnetic field strength. Results indicated that the enhancement of carbon dioxide solubility and average molar flux gas into liquid phase, particularly in the case of AC magnetic field. Moreover, results demonstrated that mass diffusivity of CO2 in nanofluid and renewal surface factor increased when the intensity of the field increased and consequently diffusion layer thickness decreased. © 2016 American Institute of Chemical Engineers AIChE J, 63: 2176–2186, 2017