Sand consolidation via latex destabilization



This article investigates the use of a commercial latex dispersion for the purpose of sand consolidation in oil wells. The aim is to consolidate sand without compromising permeability and to prevent sanding during water breakthrough. This is achieved by injecting latex dispersions into a sand-pack and relying on potassium chloride flushes, or irreducible saline water in the reservoir, to destabilize the latex onto the sand surface. This forms a latex network connecting and holding the sand grains together. The strength of the consolidation in the laboratory is determined by flowing water and oil at various flow rates and investigating the amount of sand produced. The effect of different parameters, such as the amount of latex injected, the latex salinity, and salinity of the irreducible water are discussed. © 2017 American Institute of Chemical Engineers AIChE J, 63: 2610–2617, 2017