Catalytic hydrogenation of carbon monoxide and dioxide over steel



The hydrogenation of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide on various steel catalysts was studied in the temperature range of 800° to 1,300°F. and at pressures from 5 to 30 atm. The feed gases (3.75 to 20 SCFH) were passed over a catalyst bed of 1/8-in. steel balls supported in a brass-lined reactor 0.81 in. in diam. The percentage of carbon oxides in the feed was 30% in the runs using a H2[BOND]CO2 feed and varied from 15 to 38% in the runs with a H2[BOND]CO feed. The effects of temperature, pressure, feed composition, space velocity, and mass velocity were studied. Carbon deposition did not affect the activity of the catalyst and could be removed readily.