Thermodynamic properties of tertiary butyl alcohol



By use of Cp values from the literature and experimentally determined vapor-pressure-temperature and pressure-volume-temperature relationships, a thermodynamic network has been established for tertiary butyl alcohol in the range of 78° to 500°F. and 14.7 to 700 lb./sq. in. abs. The results include tabulated values of p, v, T, H, S, f, and Z, as well as the vapor-pressure-temperature curve, the critical properties, and constants for the Beattie-Bridgeman equation.

The original pressure data were accurate to within 0.14% in the high range and to within 4% in the low range. The limits on the experimental volume data were 0.07% for large vapor volumes and 2% for liquid volumes. The temperature was determined to within 0.1 °F., or less than 0.02% of the absolute temperature.

Experimentally determined vapor pressures were found to be lower than those reported in the literature in the range above 1 atm. Values previously reported were obtained by extrapolation of a vapor-pressure-temperature relation developed for use at subatmospheric pressures. For pressures below 1 atm. the experimental values agreed with the reported values.