Ignition of solid propellants by forced convection



Experimental data are reported for the ignition of single grains of solid propellant in a stream of gas at high temperature. The investigation encompassed gas temperatures from 578° to 1,070°K., gas velocities corresponding to free-stream Reynolds numbers from 156 to 624, a complete range of oxygen-nitrogen mixtures, and a few oxygen-carbon dioxide mixtures. Pyrocellulose and double-base propellants were tested. The grains were approximately 1/8 in. in diameter and extended through the gas stream, so that ignition was forced to take place on the cylindrical surface rather than on the end of the grain. The exposure before ignition was measured for a large number of grains. The data can be represented by an equation that is consistent with the known effect of flow rate on convective heat transfer and the known effect of temperature on chemical reaction rates, an indication that both processes are important in ignition.