Agitation of non-Newtonian fluids



Since the shear rate of a non-Newtonian fluid is of importance in fixing the rheological or viscometric behavior of such a material, the present study has been concerned with the development of a general relationship between impeller speed and the shear rate of the fluid. The resulting relationship was then used to interpret and correlate power-consumption data on three non-Newtonian fluids by use of a generalized form of the conventional power-number–Reynolds-number plot for Newtonians.

Flat-bladed turbines from 2 to 8 in. in diameter were used exclusively. Tank diameters ranged from 6 to 22 in. and power inputs from 0.5 to 176 hp./1,000 gal. The study encompassed a 130-fold range of Reynolds numbers in the laminar and transition regions. The results to date indicate that power requirements for the rapid mixing of non-Newtonian fluids are much greater than for comparable Newtonian materials.