A photographic technique was used to determine bubble growth rates for ether and pentane boiling on vertical metal surfaces of zinc and an aluminum alloy at atmospheric pressure at saturation conditions. Motion pictures were taken at about 3,000 frames/sec. through a microscope which produced a 13X magnification on the film. The heat flux was varied from about 3,000 to 13,000 B.t.u/(hr.)(sq.ft.). In seven runs out of nine the late-growth equations of Forster and Zuber, Plesset and Zwick, and others were in error by less than 40% for bubble diameters from about 0.1 mm. up to the full field of view of about 0.75 mm. For sizes below 0.1 mm. the growth was too rapid to be measured. Interesting observations which are described quantitatively include bubble vibrations, irregularities in nucleation, and statistical variations in growth rates.