Condensation from superheated gas-vapor mixtures



Superheated mixtures of vapor and noncondensable gas were cooled and condensed in down-flow inside a single tube vertical condenser, 0.995 in. I.D. and 3.5 ft. long. The systems studied were air-water, carbon dioxide-water and helium-water. A bulk stream mixing probe was developed which enabled the measurement of point values of the stream temperature and partial pressure at various positions within the condenser. The Reynolds number range of the investigation was 5,700 to 34,000.

A theoretical solution of the problem, using Bras' design method, was solved rigorously on a digital computer. Results indicated excellent agreement between the theoretical and experimental cooling paths and the required transfer area. The inclusion of the Ackerman correction factor (for the sensible heat carried by the diffusing vapor) into the calculation gave significantly better agreement for all cases tested.