Prediction of jet length in immiscible liquid systems



The stability theory is used to predict jet length from jet inception to disruption for injection of one Newtonian liquid into a second immiscible Newtonian liquid. Knowledge of the length is essential for predicting the size of drops formed from jets. At low velocities jet length is controlled by the amplification of symmetrical waves which travel at the interfacial velocity of the jet. At higher velocities an abrupt lengthening of the jet may occur as a result of drop merging, and the jet length is then controlled by the growth rate of sinuous waves which are strongly velocity dependent. Jet disruption results from a geometrical limitation on the maximum amplitude of the sinuous waves. Predictions show good quantitative agreement with experimental data for thirteen mutually saturated systems over a wide range of variables and qualitative agreement with limited experimental data on the effects of initial disturbance level and mass transfer.