Solvent losses in gas absorption. Solubility of methanol in compressed natural and synthetic gases



Experimental results are reported for the solubility of methanol in compressed nitrogen, methane, ethane and carbon dioxide in the region −45° to +10°C and 17 to 62 bars.

New and previously published experimental data are used to obtain (or estimate) second virial coefficients for all binary pairs in mixtures containing hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon monoxide, methane, ethane, propane, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and methanol. These coefficients, combined with experimental data for the vapor pressure of methanol and with Henry's constants, partial molar volumes and Margules coefficients for dissolved gases in methanol, yield a correlation for calculating solvent losses as a function of temperature, pressure and gas composition. For a large-scale natural-gas absorption process, these losses may represent a significant economic factor in plant design.