Laminar condensation heat and mass transfer to a moving drop



This paper presents numerical solutions to the nonlinear, coupled boundary-layer equations governing laminar condensation heat and mass transfer in the vicinity of the forward stagnation point of a spherical cold water droplet translating in a saturated mixture of three components. The environment surrounding the droplet is composed of a condensable (steam), a noncondensable and nonabsorbable (air), and a third component which is noncondensable but absorbable (Elemental Iodine, for example). The dispersed and the continuous phases have been treated simultaneously. Results obtained here show excellent agreement with experimental results where available. An important conclusion is that for laminar condensation on a freely falling droplet, for a given thermal driving force and noncondensable gas concentration in the bulk, the dimensionless heat transfer decreases with increasing saturation temperature of the outside medium.