A new two-impinging-streams heterogeneous reactor



The characteristics of a new heterogeneous reactor of the “two impinging streams” type, suitable for gas-solid heat and mass-transfer operations, were investigated.

The operating limits of the reactor, with respect to gas and solid particles mass flow rate and pressure drop, were determined; scale-up criteria with respect to the hydrodynamics of the reactor were also established. It has been found that, under certain conditions, the introduction of solid particles into the gas stream lowers the pressure drop on the reactor. In addition, the maximal pumping energy per kg of solids transported through the reactor by the air is much lower than in a fluidized-bed-type reactor.

A stochastic model based on Markov processes was developed which closely describes the behavior of the solid particles in the reactor. A technique based on this model was employed for determining the residence time distribution of the particles in the reactor.