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Experimental study and parameterization of interfacial gas absorption



Experiments of simultaneous absorption of carbon dioxide and helium, in transient absorption regimes, have been carried out in a gas-liquid flume for stratified-type cocurrent flows. There was a need to improve a method of chromatographic analysis for helium and CO2 titrations in the gaseous phase and the liquid phase; this led us to study simultaneous absorption of CO2 and He independent of dynamic conditions. In addition the dominant wave characteristics were studied and the interfacial friction velocity was measured. It was confirmed that, for two gases presenting a large contrast in diffusivities, gas absorption rates are related directly to the physical properties of the gases. The mass transfer coefficient varies with the − 1/2 exponent of the Schmidt number for a large interfacial stress and a clean interface whereas it varies with the − 2/3 exponent for weaker winds.

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