Adsorption of carbon monoxide on activated carbon impregnated with metal halide



Activated carbon was impregnated with a metal halide, and adsorption and desorption characteristics of CO on the carbon were measured by fixed-bed runs. It was found that the impregnation of PdCl2 or CuCl effectively increases CO absorption. PdCl2/CuCl-impregnated carbons were characterized by N2 adsorption, SEM, EPMA, and XPS. Adsorption isotherms of CO were also measured on these carbons, and the influence of the loading of impregnant on CO adsorption was experimentally elucidated. A selection procedure of impregnant was proposed based on the frontier orbital theory. The perturbation energy for molecular orbital mixing was estimated by the HOMO – LUMO interaction. CO adsorption on impregnated carbons was qualitatively interpreted using the perturbation energy, and the energy was regarded as an index of impregnant selection.