A generalized four-parameter quartic equation of state (EOS) proposed by Shah and coworkers (1992, 1994) was extended to polar fluids. To use the new generalized quartic EOS for polar fluids, only four characteristic properties of the pure compound are required—critical temperature, critical volume, acentric factor, and dipole moment. For nonpolar fluids, the previous equation is recovered and its superior performance for nonpolar fluids is retained. A new set of coefficients for polar fluids for the EOS was determined from multiproperty regressions using literature data for various physical and thermodynamic experimental properties of 30 pure compounds. These regressed coefficients, which are functions of the critical temperature, critical pressure, acentric factor, and the dipole moment of the fluid, were generalized. The accuracy of this equation of state is evaluated with the new set of regressed coefficients to predict thermodynamic properties of pure polar compounds, including vapor pressure, density, residual enthalpy, enthalpy of vaporization, and second virial coefficient. The capability and accuracy of this quartic equation of state are also compared with the well-known Peng-Robinson EOS.