Analysis on SiO2 particle generation and deposition using tube furnace reactor



The combined phenomena of SiO2 particle generation and deposition were analyzed theoretically and experimentally in a tubular flow reactor. The deposition tube was directly connected to a high-temperature tube furnace reactor by a flange and the deposition characteristics of SiO2 particles were measured. The SiCl4 conversion and deposition efficiencies were calculated, solving the mass and energy balance equations and the aerosol dynamic equation in the tubular flow reactor. Effects of process variables such as furnace set temperature, inlet SiCl4 concentration and total gas-flow rate were examined. Experimental results agreed closely with theoretical prediction. Effects of natural convection are significant at low gas-flow rate. Tube wall temperature profiles inside the deposition tube were proposed for uniform coating of SiO2 particles. The study shows that the tube furnace reactor can be used to coat the inside wall of the deposition tube with ultrafine particles uniformly by adjusting tube wall temperature profiles.