Kinetics of 2-hexanol and 3-hexanol oxidation reaction over TS-1 catalysts



A kinetic investigation of the catalytic oxidation of 2-(3-) hexanols to 2-(3-) hexanones over a series of titanium silicalites [TS-1] is reported. This study considers the biphasic character of the reaction medium and uses the mathematical theory of linear graphs to derive rate equations for both hexanols' oxidation and hydrogen peroxide's decomposition. The 2-hexanols' oxidation is usually considered as the secondary reaction in the n-hexane oxyfunctionalization process. Comparing the kinetic constants obtained in this study and those generated by the analysis of previously published n-hexane oxyfunctionalization rate data allows one to conclude that in the latter case, hexanones are also produced by a direct primary oxidation of n-hexane.