Screening procedure for synthesizing isothermal multiphase reactors



A procedure is developed to identify a multiphase reactor for carrying out a given reaction at the early stage of process development. There are three elements to this screening approach: a generic reactor model, an accompanying sensitivity model, and a knowledge base consisting of heuristics, plus correlations on hydrodynamics, heat, and mass transport. In synthesizing a generic reactor model, the conuentional multiphase reactors are decomposed into common attributes and constituent parts, and reaggregated for the reaction under consideration. Thus, in addition to choosing one among conventional reactor types, the procedure prouides insights for the creation of novel reactors. The sensitivity model quantifies the relative impact of the model parameters on the reactor performance. The knowledge base provides heuristics, estimates, and reality checks in the decision-making process. While this article focuses on isothermal systems with a single reaction, the framework is applicable for general multiphase reactions.