To study the effect Adenosine Deaminase locus 1 (ADA1) mother–fetus and wife–husband phenotypic differences on the ratio Birth Weight/Placental Weight (BW/PW) in fertile women and on reproductive success in couples with repeated spontaneous abortion (RSA).


209 couples with primary RSA and a consecutive series of 379 healthy puerperae with their newborn infants from the White Caucasian population of central Italy were studied. In primary RSA women reproductive success was indicated by the presence of at least one live-born infant within 5 years of follow up. Two way contingency tables were analyzed by chi-square.


The proportion of primary RSA couples with at least a live-born infant shows the highest value in couples mother ADA11/father carrier of ADA1*2 allele (55.2%) and the lowest value in reciprocal couples mother carrier of ADA1*2 allele /father ADA11 (18.7 %) (O.R. = 5.33; P = 0.023). The highest ratio BW/PW is observed in the class mother ADA11/newborn carrier of ADA1*2 allele while the lowest ratio is observed in the reciprocal class mother carrier of ADA1*2 allele/ newborn ADA11.


Differences between mother and fetus in ADA1 phenotype may influence the ratio BW/PW in healthy women and reproductive success in RSA women. Am. J. Hum. Biol., 2012. © 2012 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.