• Pfeiffer syndrome;
  • type 3;
  • craniosynostosis;
  • limb abnormality;
  • intestinal malrotation;
  • prune belly


Presented are 2 patients with abnormal craniofacial region, limbs, and abdomen, features that may be consistent with Pfeiffer syndrome, type 3. Both patients had bicoronal and bisphenoidal synostosis, extreme exophthalmic midface hypoplasia, and hydrocephalus. The limbs had a fixed flexion deformity of the elbows with broad thumbs which were radiopalmarly deviated; the toes were broad with a varus deformity and syndactyly of toes 2–5. Both patients developed bowel obstruction secondary to midgut malrotation, and one of the patients had prune belly syndrome. Review of the literature disclosed an additional patient who, in retrospect, had Pfeiffer syndrome type 3 and midgut malrotation. These patients suggest that intestinal malrotation with or without prune belly syndrome may be a common component of this entity. © 1993 Wiley-Liss, Inc.