KBG syndrome in a cohort of Italian patients


  • Francesco Brancati and Maria Gabriella D'Avanzo equally contributed to this paper.


KBG syndrome comprises a distinct facial phenotype, macrodontia, short stature, and skeletal anomalies. So far, it has been reported in 29 individuals. Recently, diagnostic criteria were outlined. Here, we describe eight new patients whose clinical and radiological findings fit the diagnostic criteria of KBG syndrome. While most patients were sporadic in occurrence, in two families the disorder was transmitted from mildly affected mothers to their affected children. The phenotype of KBG syndrome has been reviewed based on published and present patients. EEG anomalies with or without seizures, mixed hearing loss, palatal anomalies with secondary speech disorder, distinct age-related behavior, and cryptorchidism are possible additional characteristics. Less common manisfestations were posterior fossa malformations, eye defects, and congenital heart defects. © 2004 Wiley-Liss, Inc.