A syndrome of holoprosencephaly, recurrent infections, and monocytosis


  • How to cite this article: Jubinsky PT, Shanske AL, Pixley FJ, Montagna C, Short MK. 2006. A syndrome of holoprosencephaly, recurrent infections, and monocytosis. Am J Med Genet Part A 140A:2742–2748.


We describe three siblings with holoprosencephaly, recurrent infections, and increased peripheral blood monocytes. These children were born to apparently healthy parents in a family with one unaffected child. Affected individuals had microcephaly, severe developmental delay, failure to thrive, and brachydactyly. The clinical courses were complicated by endocrine dysfunction, multiple respiratory, and skin infections. Laboratory studies showed normal karyotypes, normal lymphocyte function, and a peripheral blood monocytosis with markedly abnormal morphology. Mutation analysis of the seven genes (SHH, ZIC2, SIX3, TGI, FTDGF1, GLI2, and PTCH) known to be involved in holoprosencephaly was normal. This is the first report demonstrating an association between abnormal mononuclear phagocytes and holoprosencephaly. © 2006 Wiley-Liss, Inc.