• Ehlers–Danlos syndrome;
  • periodontal disease;
  • genetic heterogeneity;
  • connective tissue


The periodontitis type of Ehlers–Danlos syndrome (EDS type VIII) is distinguished from other subtypes of EDS by severe periodontitis leading to premature loss of permanent teeth. A limited number of patients and pedigrees with this condition have been described. We report a four-generation EDS VIII kindred with a phenotype of joint hypermobility, normal scar formation but eventual scar atrophy, and severe periodontal disease. Similar to other subtypes of EDS, the age of onset and severity of symptoms were variable amongst affected individuals, confirming the presence of intra-familial variability in this subtype. This pedigree is not linked to the previously reported region, confirming genetic locus heterogeneity in EDS type VIII. © 2011 Wiley-Liss, Inc.