In 2007 Versteegh FGA, Buma SA, Costin G, Jong WC de, Hennekam RCM, EvC Working Party: 2007. Growth hormone analysis and treatment in Ellis–van Creveld Syndrome. Am J Med Genet Part A 143A:2113-2121 was published.

In the published paper a sentence was inadvertently deleted on page 2113 below the abbreviations. It detailed the members of the EvC working group. The following sentence should have been included:

The EvC Working Party consists of: F.G.A. Versteegh (Gouda, the Netherlands), S.A. Buma (Gouda, the Netherlands), G. Costin (Los Angeles, USA), W.C. de Jong (Gouda, the Netherlands), J. Nairn (Adelaide, Australia), M. Thomsett (Brisbane, Australia), M. Berberoglu (Ankara, Turkey), A.S. van Trotsenburg (Amsterdam, the Netherlands), G.A.H. van Mil (Amsterdam, the Netherlands), M. Lindell (Stockholm, Sweden), R.C.M. Hennekam (Amsterdam, the Netherlands; London, UK).

The Publisher regrets the omission.