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ajmg_3454_sm_SupplFigS1.tif121KFig. S1: Apparatus used for preparing cigarette smoke extract (CSE) solution. Mainstream smoke from commercial cigarettes was drawn through 35 ml PBS by using a 50 ml syringe. To generate CSE, stopcock (1) was opened and stopcock (2) was closed when the pump inspired; stopcock (1) was closed and stopcock (2) was opened when the pump expired.
ajmg_3454_sm_SupplFigS2.tif4631KFig. S2: miR-140 expression in mouse palatal shelves. At E12 and E13, miR-140 was expressed in vertical palatal shelves (arrowheads in A, B); at E14, miR-140 was expressed in horizontal palatal shelves (arrowheads in C); at E15, and miR-140 was expressed in fused palatal shelves (arrowheads in D). No signal was detected using a scrambled miRNA (negative control, E). U6 RNA (positive control) was expressed ubiquitously in the tissue (F). br, brain; p, palatal shelf; t, tongue.
ajmg_3454_sm_SupplFigS3.tif6314KFig. S3: Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) of miR-140 in mouse palatal mesenchymal cells (MPMCs). The nuclei were stained by DAPI (blue fluorescent signal). miR-140 expression (green fluorescent signal) was detected from 6 to 48 hours of culture time and located in the cytoplasm (a-l). The probe for U6 RNA (positive control) hybridized most extensively to nuclear site with some cytoplasmic signal (m-o). No signal was detected when cells were hybridized with a scrambled probe (negative control, p-r).

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