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ajmg_35512_sm_SupplFig.tif1521KFig. 1: Linkage disequilibrium (LD) plot of common SNPs from TBX1 resequencing data. An LD matrix was generated from DNA sequence data, using the X-chromosome model in Haploview 4.2. Seventeen common SNPs with a MAF>0.05 were used to generate the plot. The SNPs highlighted in green are those selected to genotype in the whole cohort of 1,022 patients. Standard (D&'/LOD) models were used to create the LD color scheme. The value in each pairwise box is the D' value. We found there were three LD blocks in the TBX1 locus.
ajmg_35512_sm_SupplTab1.tif2702KeTable I

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