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ajmg_35625_sm_SuppFig1.tiff1520KFig. 1: The results of methylation specific PCR (MS-PCR) analysis. Lane 1: Patient 1, Lane 2: Patient 2, Lane 3: PWS control, Lane 4: Angelman syndrome (AS) control, Lane 5: normal individual and Lane 6: blank. The MS-PCR of Patient 1 and Patient 2 demonstrated a strong band corresponding to the maternal allele as well as a faint band corresponding to the paternal allele on lane 1 and lane 2.
ajmg_35625_sm_SuppFig2.tiff375KFig. 2: G-banded chromosome analysis of Patient 2. A trisomy 15 cell was identified in 40 cells examined. Arrows indicate the three chromosome 15s.

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