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ajmga35975-sm-0001-SupFig-S1.tif2838KFigure S1. Additional results of chromosomal microarray testing. (Top) Patient 1. Loss of genomic copy number in the subtelomeric region of 12q24.33 with a size of 1.4 Mb is shown. (Bottom) Patient 2. Loss of genomic copy number in the distal region of Yq11.22 is noted. Blue-translucent rectangles indicate aberrant regions. The results of these analyses are visualized using the Agilent Genomic Workbench ver 6.5 (Agilent Technologies).
ajmga35975-sm-0002-SupTab-S1.xls33KTable SI. List of the Genes Included in the Deletion Region of 12q24.33 in Patient 1.

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