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FIG. S1. PECONPI screenshot (file management).

FIG. S2. PECONPI screenshot (group options).

FIG. S3. PECONPI screenshot (score options).

FIG. S4. PECONPI algorithm.

FIG. S5. Distribution of CNVs.

FIG. S6. ROC curves from the known pathogenicity samples, combined.

FIG. S7. ROC curves from the known pathogenicity samples, separated.

FIG. S8. Coverage analysis.

Table SI. PECONPI Subscores, Parameters, and Values

Table SII. Description of the Covariates of the Logistic Regression Model

Table SIII. Choosing Covariates for the Logistic Model

Table SIV. A Sample of the Gene Input File

Table SV. Example of the SNP Input File

Table SVI. Example Sample Input File

Table SVII. Example Controls Input File

Table SVIII. Example Literature Input File

Table SIX. Example of the Optional Special Input File

Table SX. Example of the Optional Bands Input File

Table SXI. Example of the Optional Exclude file

Table SXII. Description of PECONPI Summary

Table SXIII. PECONPI Scores From the CHD Cohort

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