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ajmga36079-sm-0001-SupFig-S1.tif9146KFIG. S1. aCGH and FISH results. ac: aCGH results for the patients showing GRIN2B deletion in Patient 1 (4.1 Mb deletion) (a), Patient 2 (2.6 Mb deletion) (b) and Patient 3 (c) (547 kb deletion). d,e: Confirmation by FISH analysis using the BAC clone RP11-320J20 showing the 12p13.1 deletion (arrow) in Patient 1 (d) and Patient 2 (e).
ajmga36079-sm-0002-SupTab-S1.docx12KTABLE SI. qPCR Results Confirming GRIN2B Deletion in Patients 1, 2, and 3, Using Specific Primers for Exon 1 and Exon 2.

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