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ajmgb30496-Supplementary_Fig_1.tif2978KSuppl. Fig. 1. Distribution of patients according to their age at onset. The black bars represent the contribution of the mt-hg J-T subjects in each age-class.
ajmgb30496-Supplementary_Fig_2.tif11343KSuppl. Fig. 2. Relative amount of mt-DNA in controls and schizophrenia patients stratified by mt-hgs. Each circle indicates the relative quantity of mt-DNA normalized with RNaseP gene, calculated as in equation (1).
ajmgb30496-Suppl-_Table_I.doc42KTable I. Analysis of variance on the log-transformed age at onset considering as independent variables hgs, gender, schizophrenia subtypes and their interactions.
ajmgb30496-Suppl-_Table_II.doc35KTable II. Analysis of variance on the log-transformed age at onset. Only those variables which gave a positive outcome in the previous analysis were considered.
ajmgb30496-Suppl-_Table_III.doc41KTable III. Haplogroup pairwise comparison based on estimated marginal means obtained from Table II.

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