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ajmgb30503-TableS1Stage1genotyperesults.xls179KSupplementary Table 1 - Stage 1 Genotype Results
ajmgb30503-TableS2Stage1pvalues.xls37KSupplementary Table 2 - Stage 1 P Values
ajmgb30503-TableS3Stage2genotyperesults.xls33KSupplementary Table 3 - Stage 2 Genotype Results
ajmgb30503-TableS4Combinedgenotyperesults.xls37KSupplementary Table 4 - Combined Genotype Results
ajmgb30503-TableS5Stage2andcombinedpvalues.xls24KSupplementary Table 5 - Stage 2 and Combined P Values
ajmgb30503-TableS6SNPsgenotyped.xls46KSupplementary Table 6 - SNP's Genotyped
ajmgb30503-TableS7Genotypeandallelefrequencies.xls20KSupplementary Table 7 - Genotype and allele frequencies for significantly associated SNPs in gender stratified analyses
ajmgb30503-TableS8Multipletesting.xls25KSupplementary Table 8 - Multiple testing was performed using the BH controlling procedure.

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