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ajmb_30900_sm_SupplTab1.doc482KSupplementary Table 1: Example of data for a chromosomal region with the CSMD1 gene that is identified by convergent, clustered nominally-positive SNPs (highlighted/boldfaced) for three of the four samples (WTCCC, NIMH and German) studied in the present report. Note that the fourth sample (Sklar) contains a cluster of three nominally positive SNPs that overlaps with observations in the first three samples, but does not meet criteria for clustering. Columns denote the chromosomal and basepair location of the marker, and the SNP (rs or Affymetrix designations). The next four columns contain nominal p values for comparisons between bipolar and control samples. In datasets in which data for the SNP is not present, we leave blanks. SNPs that display p < 0.05 nominal values are represented in boldface/highlighting. Please see methods for more details.

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