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The refinement of the critical region for the 2q31.2q32.3 deletion syndrome indicates candidate genes for mental retardation and speech impairment


  • How to Cite this Article: Cocchella A, Malacarne M, Forzano F, Marciano C, Pierluigi M, Perroni L, Faravelli F, Di Maria E. 2010. The Refinement of the Critical Region for the 2q31.2q32.3 Deletion Syndrome Indicates Candidate Genes for Mental Retardation and Speech Impairment. Am J Med Genet Part B 153B:1342–1346.


Current literature provides more than 30 patients with interstitial deletions in chromosome 2q31q33. Only a few of them were studied using high-resolution methods. Among these, two patients had presented with a particular consistence of some clinical features associated to a deletion between bands q31.2 and q32.3 of chromosome 2. This clinical pattern, labeled as “2q31.2q32.3 syndrome,” consists of multiple dysmorphisms, developmental delay, mental retardation and behavioural disturbances. We report an adult female patient with a 4.4 Mb deletion in the 2q31.2q32.3 region, showing facial dysmorphisms, mental retardation and absence of speech. The region overlaps with the deletion found in the two cases previously reported. The critical region points to a few genes, namely NEUROD1, ZNF804A, PDE1A, and ITGA4, which are good candidates to explain the cognitive and behavioural phenotype, as well as the severe speech impairment associated with the 2q31.2q32.3 deletion. © 2010 Wiley-Liss, Inc.

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