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AJMB_31163_suppl_Suppl-Material.doc37KSupplementary Material
AJMB_31163_suppl_Table-S1.doc75KSupplementary Table I: qRT-PCR primersets and results for discovery and confirmation of the size of the ∼118kb deletion
AJMB_31163_suppl_Table-S2.doc39KSupplementary Table II: Phenotypic data of the individuals. All individuals had a negative medical history regarding epilepsy and the neurological examination was normal in all of them.
AJMB_31163_suppl_Table-S3.doc29KSupplementary Table III: variants detected in deletion carriers
AJMB_31163_suppl_Table-S4.doc62KSupplementary Table IV: Endeavour prioritization of the recurrent 16p11.2 deletion region.

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