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ajmg_31212_sm_SuppTable1.doc45KSupplementary Table 1: SEQ-39 (Stressful Life Events Questionnaire)
ajmg_31212_sm_SuppTable2.doc23KSupplementary Table 2. Clinical and Demographic Characteristics of the Subjects. For each characteristic, the subjects with and without PTSD were compared using a t-test, and significance was assessed using a two-sided p-value.
ajmg_31212_sm_SuppTable3.xls3160KSupplementary Table 3. CpG sites differentialy methylated in PTSD
ajmg_31212_sm_SuppTable4.xls3160KSupplementary Table 4. CpG sites differentially methylated in subjects with child abuse.
ajmg_31212_sm_SuppTable5.xls3160KSupplementary Table 5. CpG sites differentially methylated with TLS

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